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Art and Quotes

 Woman Reading, by Kuroda Seiki

'You don't have to burn books to destroy a culture. 
Just get people to stop reading them.' 
 - Ray Bradbury

Discussions and Book Chats

Bookie Brunch question: What are some great magical or fantastical reads? (Includes Random Magic, by Sasha Soren)

To me, books are magical by default, as they allow me to peek into someone else’s life, be it real or completely made up. The magic of books is that they enable me to see times, places and people I could never see otherwise.

There is a whole different kind of magic, as books introduce us to places and characters that may not exist, yet reading about them brings them to life. Random Magic combines all these kinds of magic...and the biggest magic of it all is that everything falls together perfectly. - Pepca, Beyond Strange New Words

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Phanee at Funny Wool (@funnywool) invites you to discuss the issue of banned books, during Banned Books Week (Sept. 24-Oct.1). 

The banning of books is a really ridiculous notion. What better way to bring attention to a certain book other than banning it? - Phanee, Funny Wool

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Events and Parties

Sept. 20-30: Visit - Join host vvb32 Reads for a delicious bit of zombie drama (nom, nom!), at September Zombies.

Memes and Features

Cute new meme launched by The Book Nerd (@CurlyGirl11) for music lovers is called Soundtrack Sunday. Visit

Pepca at Beyond Strange New Words (@StrangeNewWords) features tales from feline chronicles, in The Cat Diaries, updated every Sunday. Visit 

Eleni at La Femme Readers (@LaFemmeReaders) invites you to come talk books each Monday, with Books for Thought (shown above). Visit (latest)

Sarah Says Read (@SarahSaysRead) shares wild stories from her life each week, in Sarah Sundays. Visit

Irena at This Miss Loves to Read (@MissIrenne) shares her love for all things magical and fantastic, in weekly meme, Friday is for Fairy Tales (shown above). Visit

Tina's Book Reviews (@BooksAtTinas) features an interview with an interesting indie author, every Saturday, in her Saturday Spotlight. Visit or sign up

Book Angel Booktopia (@BookAngel_Emma) has a monthly feature, Song of the Month, her pick for each month can be found at top of her blog. Visit

Videos and Vloggers

Jennie of Jennie's Corner (@joaniefontana) shares her thoughts on the Kindle e-reader (stock product image shown above). Watch

I Love Books (@Christina_622) posts update answering bookish questions. Watch


Book Adaptations and Media Marvels
(Incl. movies, music, games, publishing news, other.)

(Nothing for this category this week - if you know of something interesting, feel free to get in touch with info and link: @RandomMagicTour)

Goodies and Giveaways

WIN: Enter - Thru Sept. 30: Sweet Jane Austen book and DVD set of Sense and Sensibility, at Bookie Brunch, hosted by Songs and Stories, goodies brought by Sasha Soren (Random Magic). (shown above)

WIN: Enter - Thru Sept. 30: Win a cute French cookbook, Bonne Femme, at vvb32 Reads, part of her ongoing Books and Brioche event.

WIN: Enter - Thru Sept. 30: Evie at Bookish (@SeoEvie) is giving away one title from selection shown onscreen at her blog, as part of Banned Books Week.

WIN: Enter - Thru Sept. 30: The Epic Rat (@TheEpicRat) is offering a cute grab bag in honor of September Zombies event, includes two zombie books and swag bag.

WIN: Enter - Thru Oct. 21: Win a cute and quirky tote bag (shown above) - it's a bag, no, wait, it's a fish! - at Bookie Brunch (host: @snowdropdreams). Discussion theme is great magical or fantastical reads. 

Grapevine, Last-Minute News and Misc. 

Via @MaxieMagyx: I'm on the lookout for book trailers. If you see any new ones, let me know. Last received recommendation for this one: Random Magic, by Sasha Soren Reply

Via: @TheBookMystress: I have a question for authors - would you rather have bloggers approach you to review your books, or would you rather approach them on your own? Reply

Just For Fun: Visit - How to survive a zombie attack, while looking marvelous. There are some days you wake up and think, 'Why look, it's a zombie apocalypse, whatever shall I wear?' Now you know. Midnight Cowgirl of The Fashion Planner (@akaleistar) has got some answers (shown above). Part of Sept. Zombies event.


Oct. 2, 2011: Visit - Bookie Brunch, hosted by This Miss Loves to Read. Fun and interesting weekly discussion to talk about questions for book lovers. This week's BB includes a sweet bonus. Current Bookie Brunch is here.

Oct. 3-9, 2011: Visit or Sign up - The True Book Addict (@truebookaddict) invites you to a cozy reading fest, with Frightful Fall Read-A-Thon. (Note: Embedded music player at this blog set to auto-play. Player can be shut off, check right sidebar for controls.)

Dec. 16, 2011: Visit or Contact - Let The Austen Games begin! In honor of writer Jane Austen's birthday, book lovers are invited to Twitter-collaborate on an Austen-inspired online tome, The Austen Games. (Tip thanks to @LiederMadchen)

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